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Why Markets Matter

Creating a space for local vendors to grow and thrive allows communities to engage in small businesses and their growth. Communities that get involved in helping grow a small business allows one to not only participate in that growth but see that the community can grow small establishments into larger and inspire those entrepreneurs in the community to start something of their own. Thus creating a grassroots movement of growth within the community.

Did you know that roughly 67 cents of every dollar spent at a local vendor stay in your community? That’s right! Additionally, Ford Foundation Research did a survey on how markets impact a community. What they discovered was that markets brought people together, allowing attendees to purchase goods at a fair price, which helps to boost the local economy and ignite new business opportunities.

Markets bring thousands of shoppers to a community and help drive shoppers into indoor storefronts. These small businesses within the markets have been known to grow into vacant storefronts and increase the overall property values to the area.

The more you know! Learn more about Vancouver Island Market, our partner Island Goods, and our amazing vendors and do your part to positively impact our local economy.

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