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VIM celebrates Creativity and Community with Cosplay

The countdown is on for our winter market happening this December 14-16 and our line up of vendors, workshops, and entertainers is nothing short of amazing.  

And adding to our line up on Saturday, December 15th will feature our guests from NPC and Phenomacon who will be hosting a costume contest based on our theme this year “Winter is Coming…”

Watch our themed trailer here

Why Cosplay? 

Cosplay (Costume-Play) is about expressing what you love through the creation of handmade costumes and connecting with people to share their passion together with you.

As a community,  cosplayers attend conferences, events and competitions to showcase their intricate costumes, have photographs taken of their beautiful work and connect with people from all over the world to enjoy a day or a weekend of geekery. 

 From this perspective, Vancouver Island Market shares this point of view with our audience.  We are a handmade market with talented artisans who are passionate about their craft and we gather together to showcase wares from all across the island for like-minded shoppers to enjoy and appreciate their work of art.  We are enthusiast  in our handmade world. 


Our judges for the cosplay contest will be Julie and Kari from North Pacific Cosplay and Dave from Phenoma Con.  

Cosplaying together since 2010, Kari and Julie have created dozens of costumes from various anime, video games and comic books. They attend local conventions on the island regularly and have won many awards together for their costumes and performances. With a passion for their community and all things ‘geeky’, they are always eager for a chance to play dress up.

 Phenomacon is a new con coming to the Westshore! Located in Colwood BC, we look forward to bringing you the content you want in a conventions: cosplay, comics, games and geekery.


They will be available on Saturday from 10-2pm at Vancouver Island Market to take in sign ups at their Phenomacon Table and prizes include weekend passes to MCon 2019, a trophy to take home among other prizes from Vancouver Island Market.

You can find more information regarding their contest and rules by contacting one of our hosts.  

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