We have on record the following business owners with purchase of power.  If you have requested power but have not paid, please email immediately.  You may 1) need to move your area due to lack of power 2) need to make alternative arrangement for power banks 3) we need to update our records if you've paid but didn't show in our system.

Businesses who paid for power:

Anita Jackel Leather Design
Be In Harmony Design
Bijou Beads
Emily Madill Enterprises Ltd.
FLO Design Co
Big Wild Project
Island Sewing Connection
JL Floral Design
The Drift Meat and Seafood
Kettle and hive
Sunset Gourmet
Tin Cup Art
Ozay Jewelry
Revived Wax Candles
Rockin Risotto
Van Isle Goddess
Scriptcraft Canads
Wandering Spirit Jewelry
Smokelore Botanicals
The Crafty Island Owl
Miss Raven's Creations
Jewelz of the Isle
Westcoast Wild Resin Co.
Rainforest Pottery
Zaworski Art and Homestead
Brian's Pottery Creation


Businesses who paid for chair/table rentals:


 6 ft Table8 ft. TableChair
Miss Soffie's Pet Boutique 8 foot table 
Cure Soaps Inc 8 foot table 
Emily Madill Enterprises Ltd6 foot table chair
Flo Design Co 8 foot table 
Facial Clay Masks6 foot table  
Sunset Gourmet 8 foot table 
I AM RESILIENT.6 foot table  
Revived Wax Candles 8 foot table 
Rickipedia.ca6 foot table  
RobbARTBoutique6 foot table  
Westcoast Wild Resin Co. 8 foot table 
Brian's Pottery Creation 2 - 8 foot tables