Event Terms and Conditions

You agree to the terms and conditions when you submit your application and pay for your enrollment fee including abiding by the most current BC CDC Covid-19 regulations which may include wearing masks, physical distancing, staying home if you're sick, hand washing and sanitizer stations set up etc.  Please refer to the BCCDC website here.

Vendor / Exhibitor/ Participant/ Maker are interchangeable terms used to describe the applicant.  For the sake of this policy, we will refer to the applicant as "Vendor".
Vancouver Island Market / VIM Productions Limited and VI Market are interchangeable terms used to describe this organization.  We will refer to this organization here as VI Market.


By completing and/or checking off our enrollment form, this confirms your consent to us that you will accept our terms, conditions and CDC guidelines at our event.


This includes:

  • The vendor will comply with all local zoning, bylaws, health and safety rules outlined in application and enforced by Nanaimo North Town Centre. 
  • You are the curator, maker, and/or producer of the product/service you sell.  (ie. You sell essential oil products not made by you but blended by you and/or sell educational programs online on how to use the products you sell).
  • Having proper booth/tent equipment for set up/take down.
  • You are responsible for cleanliness and upkeep of your surrounding space.  No garbage left behind.
  • You give us rights to use photos provided to us, taken at our events or from your social media account/ website.
  • You will adhere to our strict "set up/ take down" rules set out by VI Market.  This is for your safety as well as all those participating and shopping at our market.  Kindness Matters here.  No exceptions.
  • Complying with CDC standards.
  • Promoting the event and tagging us on social media (we will have digital for you to download and share).
  • Adhering to setup and take down times 
  • Late Applicants will not have posted assigned space and have limitations on placements, communication and priviledge. 
  • Arriving on time and not taking down your tent(s) or moving your table set up at least 15 mins AFTER the event is over especially when patrons are still shopping.  
  • Forfeiting your right to vend if you pay late.
  • Checking my emails / notifications/ spam or junk folders regularly for communication from us.
  • Being prepared to vend rain or shine. (where applicable)
  • You are solely responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, facilities, insurance and approvals reasonably required to sell your products /services at the show.  We uphold the same responsibilities for our business.
  • Acting in a professional manner at all times. It is not okay before, during or immediately at closing to talk down or disrespect organizers, our partners, performers, fellow vendors, volunteers or patrons. If there is a concern, it is okay to take this offline outside the premises, in person after the market or in emergency situations, alert our staff so we can have a conversation in private. We uphold and maintain professionalism and respect the integrity of this market at all times.
  • VI Market makes no representations or warranties about your sales or success at the show and is not responsible for any losses you may incur.  We are a small business too and the cost outlined in this enrollment serves to grow this business.
  • Understanding our refund policy is only in the event that Health Authorities do not permit us to continue this market* and not for if YOU fall sick or cannot make the market due to your location, the weather, staffing or other personal issues you may have once you have paid and accepted to vend at the market. Please refer to our Purchasing Policy for more regarding all fees and purchases.
  • VI Market may amend or update these terms and conditions from time to time and you agree to be bound by such future amendments or updates.


  • Please check that you understand completely our rights as host at VI Market before payment for your Vendor enrollment fee. Please refer to our Purchasing Policy for more regarding all fees and purchases.

*In the event that Health Authorities do *not* permit us to continue this market, a non refundable fee of $100 will apply and vendor will be refunded the remaining amounts paid at a reasonable time frame as soon as we find out we have to cancel.