Vancouver Island Market

Thank you for thinking local.

Becoming a Market vendor
How do I become part of VI Market?

A Market Vendor is inducted into our VIM Family through

an application process, an invitation, a series of questionnaires or through membership.

Becoming an online vendor
How do I get involved?

An online vendor, is a VIM member, can take part in our physical events during market season, post offerings to our site for feature gift guides and posts, and sell before, during and after our event. 


“This is wonderful market to attend, both as vendor and as shopper, it's very well organized, entertaining and the space and location are just perfect. Five stars for VIM market from me!”- Roxana Gonzalez

Local Champion Review

“Thank you to Vancouver Island Market for providing a venue, promotion, and support to the local crafting industry. Part of adapting to climate change means rebuilding our local economy around sustainable, locally grown, and handcrafted small businesses. I would encourage all Nanaimo folk to CHOOSE to support the VIM community instead of an impersonal import economy. I look forward to every event they hold because each one has exceeded expectations so far.”- Chris Brown

Realtor | Shopper Testimonial

“The Vancouver Island Market was a great event. So many wonderful local vendors and products . Very well organized. I would definitely recommend and go again.”- Brooke Graham

Vendor Review

“We have been attending many artisan markets for a while now and the people at VIM are well organized, provide much information and really set us all up for success. This is my third time attending at Christmas and this year is our best market I've attended for sales since we began. My neighbors and vendors all were very thoughtful and helpful throughout this experience and it was also so easy to shop and spend my christmas gifts there. The quality of products is excellent and very pleased with how well it is run. Would happily attend always.”- Rocky Creek Winery

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