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A New NEW Beginning…

How are you? If you are reading this, I hope you are well and safe. I hope like many others here in beautiful Vancouver Island, BC you are outside, enjoying the sun when it’s around. Perhaps a small vegetable garden is in the works or you might be at home learning a new skill and baking a lot of bread? 😉

This was me in February 2020 at Nanaimo North Town getting ready to publish or Feature with Voyager Magazine

I grieved for about a week or so, not knowing what to do or how to move forward with all social gathering coming to a complete halt. Vendors were worried and had been contacting me to ask about next steps. Like everyone else, we’re all on the same boat with no clear answers and probably the worse thing that can happen for organizers.

Soon, I realized being miserable is neither good for me or those around me. Right now, we have to be strong, be kind and learn to connect differently. So I went outside, in my backyard and started to work on my garden and home improvements. It was the best thing for me and I highly recommend everyone to get into this space if you haven’t already…

Many of our vendors have pivoted their business to online and offering essential goods to health workers and the vulnerable: https://bit.ly/shoplittlethao

VIM has paused operations as of mid March and until the health authorities give us a go head again to have social gatherings for large events like ours, we will have to look to support our local vendors in other ways such as online or host virtual events.

Currently, we have begun posting some past vendors and where to find them. For example, Little Thao Studio is offering 10% off (use coupon code SMALLBUSINESS) when you visit her online store. Additionally, we are working with Isla Collective, an online boutique to bring more visibility to our makers who may not have a website and need to get online right away. (Although many in this collective also have their standalone site)

I am staying calm and optimistic as I have said in my previous blog post and hope to reconnect our passionate makers with shoppers very soon!

More than ever, we need to shop local.

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