Guest Speaker - What Your Diet Isn't Telling You: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle to Healthy Eating | Vancouver Island Market

Guest Speaker – What Your Diet Isn’t Telling You: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle to Healthy Eating

I love meeting new people ; especially strong women who recognizes lifting each other up is the best way to live a meaningful life.

I came to know one of these women in the past couple months in an online business coaching program I’m a part of and this woman is simply incredible.

She comes across as inquisitive, professional in both verbal and written communication and all-around supportive woman. In chatting with her over the phone, we lost track of time and what seemed like a 10 min chat went on for over an hour. That my friend is a tribeswoman!

She attended our last market in March which was utterly incredible with shoppers flocking in from all over VI. And because I love sharing good vibes and she is indeed someone I’d love to hang out with over coffee, I’d thought it would be wonderful to have this lovely island gal come share her passion with us.

Her topic and expertise will surely inspire you to THINK differently about dieting!

Kirstin McKinnon: Motivational Health Coach

Bio: Kirstin McKinnon is a motivational health coach for women who are ready to get healthy and lose weight. Kirstin’s career started as a registered nurse, and after completing a master’s degree in Advance practice nursing, she worked as a family nurse practitioner. Kirstin’s love for health and wellness led her to also become certified both as a health coach and personal trainer. Kirstin now helps women to change their lifestyle while creating a healthier mind, body and life.

Join Kirstin for a casual discussion about, “What Your Diet Isn’t Telling You: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle to Healthy Eating”

What you’ll learn:

·      Your biggest obstacle to staying on track and how to overcome come it

·      A key strategy to stay motivated


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