Guest Speaker - Mark Schilling - Beekeeping on Vancouver Island | Vancouver Island Market

Guest Speaker – Mark Schilling – Beekeeping on Vancouver Island

Builder of hand-crafted bee hives in winter, small-scale beekeeper in summer – it’s a life that Mark wouldn’t trade for anything. You also might know him as owner of Bee Furniture, a local company that offers hand-crafted honey bee hives, or through Nanaimo Beekeepers Club or various workshops, clinics and courses he’s hosted around the island.

As a Certified Bee Master, Mark is passionate about educating the public about honey bees and how important they are, worldwide, in our current age, in both rural areas and large-scale agriculture.

We are honoured to have Mark at Vancouver Island Market on Sundayto discuss his passion, as well as some of the challenges to becoming a successful beekeeper on Vancouver Island.

For the honey lovers attending our market, Mark will delight you with the exceptional variety, quality, and tastes that our bees are able to deliver to us in the form of honey, as well as where it comes from and how the bees convert the nectar from flowers into the honey that we all love.

He will be more than happy to answer any questions from the audience, so comment below and/or bring your questions with you!

Mark will also be giving away raw wildflower honey he’s harvested at the talk to some lucky attendees so you don’t want to miss this chance to take home some goodies for being here!

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