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Get the Most Out of Your Market Shopping Experience

Why not choose handmade? It makes each gift that much more special. As you’re going through your market shopping, here are some suggestions to keep in mind on how to make it a great experience!

1. Bring a Friend

Shopping is meant to be done in groups right? Whether it’s with your gaggle of gals, or maybe even your partner, browsing is so much more fun with someone else . *Hint: this is also a great way to nudge that person in the right direction for your next birthday/Christmas/just because gift!*

2. Check Out the Vendor list

We always recommend our shoppers check out our amazing line up on vendors before arriving. If you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram, you’re always kept up-to-date as we announce new vendors daily. You can also check out our vendor’s page here. Looking attending vendors in advance can help you to scope out the goodies and beeline it to your favourite booths – just in case they sell out! You never know what amazing people you will find when clicking through the rabbit hole of links.

3. Research Those Artisans

Now that you know the vendors attending the market, the fun really begins! Head to the vendor’s social media pages to see what kind of items they’ll have to sell, as well as get an idea of prices, and make a mental (or physical) shopping list before the market doors even open! Plus you’ll probably get a glimpse of the makers behind their products. Not going to lie – they’re all pretty darn cool and awesome people! We promise we aren’t being biased.

4. Bring Cash

Some vendors may be pretty new to the market scene and won’t the fancy smanchy machines to take debit or credit. Take some cash with you just in case you find something you really want. Forgot to take out cash before arriving at the market? No problem! There will be an ATM on site, or you can head to Scotia Bank located in Nanaimo North Town Centre.

5. Grab That Business Card

Market days tend to be hectic, and the venue is going to be crazy. If you see something you like but may not be able to afford at the moment or just want to wait on – grab their business card! You’ll be seeing a bunch of people and their business name may slip your mind a couple of weeks down the road. Having their business card will come in handy when those forgetful moments.

Most of all HAVE FUN! Check out the things you’ve never seen before, say hello, and be curious. VIM Vendors love chatting about their work and will be thrilled to talk to you about their businesses and products.

Happy shopping!

Purchase your tickets now and see you soon!

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