Featured: Guest Speaker at Vancouver Island Market | Vancouver Island Market

Featured: Guest Speaker at Vancouver Island Market

Join us on Saturday, March 30 at 12:30-1:30pm or 3:30-4:30pm at our main stage (North entrance) to learn about opportunities we have here in Nanaimo to participate in local food movement.

Topic: Local Food Systems

We all eat for a living: it’s encouraged that we form intimate relationships with our food as part of a healthy lifestyle. What does this look like, and how can we incorporate it into our daily routines? This talk will leave you feeling inspired for spring, and ready to sow the seeds of a healthy future.

There will be a draw for 30 minutes of consultation time with Farmer Brown valued at $35 each for attending this talk.

Did You Know?

A  portion of the admission Vancouver Island Market collects will go to support Farmer Brown and his summer internship and international practicum in India for May. Let’s make sure we support his mission to help educate the next generation of food literate humans and farmers in our community.

Where Farmer Brown will be in May 2019

About our Guest Speaker:

Christopher “Farmer” Brown has been practicing organic farming in Nanaimo for 8 seasons. He identifies as a permaculturalist, agricultural activist, entrepreneur, and farming educator. He is part of the team who started Farmship Growers Cooperative, which is now one of Nanaimo’s largest organic food producers. He has been involved with local farmers markets, Nanaimo FoodShare, VIU Community Garden, as a High-school Garden Facilitator, urban farming, and is now offering farm restoration consultation. He recognizes that we all eat for a living, and that resilient local food systems and teaching food literacy to the next generations may be the most effective way for us to adapt to the challenges of climate change. He is grateful to call Nanaimo home and has committed a life-long mission of working towards cultivating regenerative local food systems and teaching food literacy. Dig it. 

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