Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! - August Happy Mail

In this month's Giveaway, we've matchmake @clickometre to send happy mail to winner Laurel W. 

Myles took part in our Summer Market this past weekend and brought artwork, pins, stickers and other wares to our market on Sunday.  

They had a lot of fun and so did we.   Myles motto found in their Etsy shop is:  "I'm an artist just figuring out how I can sell things in some way!

I'm glad we were able to showcase your wares at our market and grateful you took part in our Happy Mail (#happymeil #meininja) program.


For those of you who want to get to know your local artists and makers,  joining this program is free, fun and freakin awesome.  

Okay I was trying to use all the F words ;)

There's a lot of questions and here's a quick capture of it in case you're wondering still how this all works.

Wanna Join? Scroll down to the bottom and sign up!

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