Happy Mail Winner Round 2 Continues...

Catching up on Happy Mail Announcements

Last month, as we started our Happy Mail Program, I was rallying up a few more small business owners to contribute to Happy Mail so I can practice the art of coordination online and matchmaking the buyers and sellers on Vancouver Island (we will be calling out for lower mainland soon!)

So I decided to do another round of Happy Mail with the awesome Trees.on.Seas to improve my connection superpower (it's been awhile.. I'm a little rusty at this ^-^')

I found out there were a few flaws in my connection...

1) If the buyer didn't leave me a clear way to connect with her (let's say she didn't check her email for awhile), I end up spending a lot of time chasing the winner down.

2) I made an error in sending the email twice.  Opps!  Sorry guys.. I didn't mean to do that.

3) Getting consent and mailing address for the Mail Ninja to do the delivery does take some coordination.  All the power to the Wine Ninja coordinators out there!

With that said, Trees on Seas rocked it out last month and ninja'd her way around town and even helped me send a little Happy Mail to one of my favourite peoples!

Our receivers are also quite awesome in that they engage and share our posts and really take the time to shout out our creative entrepreneurs!   How awesome is that.

Here's the latest Happy Mail sender | Elena, a Calligrapher on Vancouver Island.  Click on her reel to see and give her a follow.


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