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Brenda started her business in 2009 as an outlet for her creativity and a way to stay mentally healthy.  Read Brenda's journey with starting her own jewelry collection!

How did the idea for Ozay Jewelry come to you?

Back in early 2000, I was living a very busy life and had the most stressful career. I was living life at such a fast pace that I was not capable of maintaining and sustaining without repercussions on how I treated myself. Unfortunately, I had to hit a major crisis before slowing down. I was diagnosed with cancer and illness started consuming my life. During the treatments, I was weak and unable to do much. One day, a dear friend, brought me my old jewelry-making supplies. I started weaving bracelets again. I realized just focusing on making the braid allowed my mind to focus on the detail involved with each bracelet. It gave me joy by bringing me back to the time I spent in Bali in my early twenties. It also felt so good to see the end product and be able to give something to those who were giving so much to me when I didn’t have much to give. For the first time in a long time, my body and mind were aligned and focused on a task that didn’t involve forcing my body to do something it was resisting. When I am doing jewelry, I am in a therapeutic meditative state, where all parts of me are perfectly aligned. It is as if time folded in on itself. That is something that had become foreign to me in my professional life, as it almost always felt like my mind and body were no longer aligned as my body would do one thing when my mind wanted something else. When I retired from my law practice in 2009, I went back to my first love and start my own jewelry collection. Today, Ozay’s designs are available online for everyone to enjoy.

How would you describe your collection?

Ozay Jewelry is inspired by traditional Balinese art and is uniquely hand-crafted to embody the heart and soul of the ancient culture of Bali. Our Sterling silver jewelry is made using an ancestral lost wax casting process handmade in Chemainus, BC. 

Any last words for our readers?

Life is too short to wear mass-produced jewelry



Ozay Jewelry by Brenda Langlois

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