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I am Grateful for Shared Human Experiences

In 2018, we put on our first Christmas Market which was one of the most outwardly successful holiday markets ever ran on Vancouver Island.  (In my mind anyway!) Those of you who witnessed the event would have remembered our power outages on the first day of the market with backup power tha…

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The Difference Between Shopping Small and Shopping Big-Box

What kind of shopper would you best describe yourself as? Are you the type who likes to shop and dine at small businesses, or would you rather go for bulk purchases at big-box retailers? Well, we’ll talk about the difference between the two types of shopping, and why certain people would prefer …

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Get To Know The People Behind Cure Soaps Inc.


Cure Soaps was founded in 2015 by Kerianne and Katie, two yoga teachers looking for a way to give back during a Big Brothers & Big Sisters event.


Tell us a little bit about how you started Cure Soaps? 

We decided to make soap instead of baked goods for a fundraiser through our…

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Being A Small Business Owner 

It comes as a surprise to many that small business owners often work longer, more hours than employees. Running a small business is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences that one can ever have. From the packaging of supplies to constant restocking, and upgrade of tools, all whi…

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! - August Happy Mail

In this month's Giveaway, we've matchmake @clickometre to send happy mail to winner Laurel W. 

Myles took part in our Summer Market this past weekend and brought artwork, pins, stickers and other wares to our market on Sunday.  

They had a lot of fun and so did we.   Myles motto found i…

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7 Habits Creativepreneurs do that impact on their health and wellness

Ever wondered by some creativepreneurs are so successful? It’s because they sleep, rest, and do a very good job of separating their work life from family life. Most importantly, they listen to their body and know exactly when enough is enough because too much of anything can be dangerous. I have…

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Vancouver Island Summer Market 2021

Nanaimo North Town Centre (Old Sears Parking Lot)

NANAIMO, BC August 14, 2021 - The return of Vancouver Island Market since our last event in 2019 is 2 full days, featuring 70+ creativepreneurs on Vancouver Island. Join us outside the Old Sears Parking lot at Nanaimo North Town Centre and l…

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Get to know Ozay Jewelry

Brenda started her business in 2009 as an outlet for her creativity and a way to stay mentally healthy.  Read Brenda's journey with starting her own jewelry collection!

How did the idea for Ozay Jewelry come to you?

Back in early 2000, I was living a very busy life and had the most stressful …

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What Land Do I Occupy?

Here's a website I found as a resource for acknowledging the territory I live on as well as other in depth information about WHY land acknowledgment is important and HOW we can help spread awareness and learn more about Canadian History.

Once you go here, you will want to type your current lo…

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Maker Spotlight



Ageliki started jewelry making while recovering from a sudden illness. She stopped by a bead shop while taking a stroll one day and looked at the endless rows of findings and jewelry components they carried. It was at that moment, something clicked. 


After Ageliki …

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Maker Spotlight

Trees on Seas


Trees On Seas, founded in 2019 by a West Coast adventurer named Krisitne, is a Van Isle collected and inspired hand stamped driftwood business.

Originally started as a passion project with sassy fridge magnets, she now dreams up many creations such as key chains, coasters, …

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The wait is nearly over!

Have you been patiently awaiting the return of Vancouver Island Market, or any market for that matter?! Well the wait is nearly over folks. It has been in the ‘making’ (see what I did there) for quite some time but we are nearly there and we want to invite you to start applying now for our August ou…

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Are you better off doing physical markets, virtual markets or both?


Hey... so you wanna know!

First of all, let's talk about the difference between a physical market (marketPLACE) and virtual market (marketSPACE)
A Marketplace is a physical location of buyer and seller interaction. At the marketplace, the seller and buyer meet each othe…

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How to become a Featured Maker

Here are the steps:

After completing our community survey, seller intake form and quiz (approx. 5 mins), you'll want to submit these to us.


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