Directories to help you get found

With everything going online and giants like Amazon making a Billion dollars in less than a year during the pandemic, it’s no wonder us smaller businesses (much smaller) need to find a way to go virtual too.
If you haven’t gotten yourself a website, or at least a social media account to show what you make yet, or you have something but no one is looking, submitting your business to a directory is a great way to help you gain the credibility you’re after.
Did you know that it takes an average of eight touches to get an initial meeting (or other conversions) with a new prospect?
Here are a few considerations when looking for directories to be listed in:
  1. Your location.  It helps if the location of the directory website is close to you.   This is quite important because it means where you sell is close to where the website will target most and reach its organic audience.
  2. How long has the website owner been in business? Do they have credibility? You can check this through SEO tools and find out their rank and compare it to other directories out there.  If they don’t rank very high, that means no one is finding them either so you might not convert there.
  3. Does this website align with your values?  Will you go on the site to browse for inspiration and find other small business owners?  Do they host events that your shoppers go to?  At Vancouver Island Market, we often get buyers to contact us about a certain vendor so having a directory is super helpful.
  4. How much does it cost? If a directory is completely free, there's going to be a limited marketing budget to help you get found but a buyer may find you just from looking.  If the cost is higher, what are its features and benefits?  How long will you be listed for? What are its renewal terms?
  5. Do you need control?  Often when you can log in yourself and add what you want, there’s a huge infrastructure (think Etsy and other platforms) but do you have time to manage what you want to put in someone’s directory? Or do you prefer they do it for you with less flexibility on changes?
  6. How else might they share your profile?  Do they feature you on their website? On Instagram stories or in a post?
Do some research on the above before deciding on which directory website host you'd like to be part of.  The more directories, the faster you'll rank over time.
At Vancouver Island Market, our featured directory is dedicated to highlighting the works of local small business owners, artisans, craftspeople, and other creativepeneurs including those in the service industries.
Our featured online directory offers small vendors and creatives the opportunity to get found our website, which means:
  • Extra exposure for your business can turn into increased sales potential
  • No commissions for sales directed to you (send us where you would like to get found)
  • Free support from our team to help you get found
  • Boost your SEO and rank higher on Google
  • Getting shared and tagged to our social media platforms
  • Being included in our directory with photos and a short bio explaining the nature of your products


You can hit contact us and let us know you want to be listed and we'll help get you started right away.

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