Why premium directory listing is beneficial for your small business

Getting Found Online on Vancouver Island


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How to Find that vendor who was at VIM

We always get messages after the market asking us who was that vendor selling herbal cigarettes or how can I order bespoke trivets from Crafts by Cortney. As much as we love connecting our buyers to sellers individually, we sometimes miss these opportunities. So, VIM invested in a search directory on our website to connect buyers to small business owners on and off Vancouver Island.




Step 1  Vancouver Island Market Nanaimo directory search


Using basic keywords to look up your favourite vendors has never been easier:

During the VIMter market, we used our search engine to allow shoppers to find their VIM vendors' or products' booth locations by simply looking them up on our directory. It was such a fantastic feeling to see our vision for our directory get so much positive feedback from our shoppers. We are the first Artisan Market who connects buyers to sellers before, during and after our market event.


Step 2 Vancouver Island Market Nanaimo directory search


Work in Progress...

We are constantly trying to improve the connecting experience for our sellers and buyers, but sadly running a website costs a lot of time and money. As a small business, we want to continue offering our platform to our VIM vendors to connect with interested customers even outside of our in-person markets. Therefore, we decided to offer our premium directory at a discount for a limited time. The premium directory listing means, buyers can:


  1. Look you up by searching with keywords and product names because you get to include a longer business bio or product description.
  2. Recognize your brand from the five pictures (we recommend displaying your top-selling products for increased brand awareness) displayed in your listing.
  3. Instead of trying to find you again on different platforms, visit your social media pages, website, or Etsy page from the embedded links in your listing.
  4. Get in contact with you directly through the contact information displayed on your listing page.
  5. Find you on google easier through the SEO benefits you get from listing on our website.
  6. Get introduced to your business through our ongoing Instagram and Facebook ads and featured posts.


Step 3 Vancouver Island Market Nanaimo directory search

Final Thought:

Listing on a local directory also means:

  1. Increased visibility for your brand
  2. Increased credibility
  3. Control over how your brand is represented
  4. The most inexpensive way to rank higher on Google through increased SEO
  5. The best way to connect with customers even outside in-person markets


Advantages to listing on Vancouver Island Market Directory and Search Engine for Vendors and Buyers


Our mission for our online directory is to become the go-to destination for buyers and sellers to connect. So, take advantage of our special pricing and support our vision so we can continue to help your business flourish to new heights.


You can submit your information here and let us know you'd like to try out our free or paid feature.


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