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Food Trucks + More

Fans Favourites and Island Crafts

Vancouver Island boasts one of the best places to go to visit artisan markets, food trucks and live festivals throughout the year.

With the Spring Season in full swing, we couldn't help but to bring back the experience of creativity, kindness and of course…

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What to Expect at VI Market

Beltane Spring Market 2022


Vancouver Island

is known for one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. We have the rain, sun, beaches, mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers and multitudes of wildlife species. We have one of the most capable communities who can grow their own food, build and make the…

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VI Winter Market 2021

Vancouver Island Market 2021: Felt Love at VIM

Vancouver Island Market Nanaimo Gift Shop Girls

You can call it a wild project. 

A self care practice, an intervention for being separated for so long or whatever way you see fit.

This practice of felt-love where we did our best to connect, receive, give back and take back what it means t…

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I am Grateful for Shared Human Experiences

Quote, In a world where you can be anything, be kind
In 2018, we put on our first Christmas Market which was one of the most outwardly successful holiday markets ever ran on Vancouver Island.  (In my mind anyway!) Those of you who witnessed the event would have remembered our power outages on the first day of the market with backup power tha…

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