How to Get Noticed: Tips to Stand Out at a Craft Fair! (a 4 part series)


Calling all artists, craftspeople, creative-preneurs! Yes you!! 


Whether you’re a woodworker, a photographer, a painter, a jewelry designer, an author, a mobile designer, this post series is for you.


We create for the love of creating. While we all make unique offerings, we’re a collective. Certainly, artists and craftspeople all have their own personal process of creation. Still, we share a similar path - the idea phase, the development phase, the optimization phase, and finally, our creativity goes full circle when we share our creations with the world at shows or online.


As a collective of artists and craftspeople, we form a special community. Here at Vancouver Island Market, we know how important and unique our community is, and we connect buyers and sellers together. Today, we’re supporting you with insider tips and techniques to stand out at our upcoming market in August. We hope you have fun implementing these tips and breathe easy knowing you’ve got plenty of time to prepare, so you can show up in August feeling vibrant and ready! 



Craft fairs are a great way to gain exposure, create community, and make sales.


While the digital market is a wonderful space to share our often handmade and bespoke items, there is something incredibly special about sharing one’s creations in person. It’s a wonderful opportunity to build community with your fellow tribe of creators, and to connect with clients. Some of my best friends are craftspeople I met at shows just like ours!


Finger’s crossed, now that we’re past the most difficult phase of the pandemic, it’s time to share face to face again. Perhaps during the pandemic, you as an artist or craftsperson had an opportunity to go deeper into your work or to develop a new series. Perhaps the pandemic catalyzed the beginning of your journey as an artist! 


Arts and crafts shows like Vancouver Island Market are one of the best ways to get your creations out into the world, into the hands and homes of the people who love and appreciate your creations as much as you do. Read on to learn how to #rocktheshow like a pro and see you at the market on Vancouver Island August 6-7.



First of all, here is a quick list of some basic items I recommend everyone bring to every craft show.


market day essentials must haves

  • Table
  • Your crafts
  • Marketing materials
  • Display shelves
  • Cash box and digital payment processing system
  • Water and sustenance! 




The Right Presentation helps us Become Visible in the Right Way to the Right People.


At every craft show there may be some people who paint and illustrate, some who create shelving and furniture, jewelers and metal-workers, household goods and ornamentation, accessories and clothing, multimedia arts and crafts. Don’t even think about competition, because there is none! Always remember, you’re one of a kind and so is your work.


While it may be nerve-wracking to share your work and you might feel on display, you may transfer nerves to excitement by remembering you and your work will always have unique value. While this level of exposure might be uncomfortable at first, it’s also what every artist and craftsperson needs so their audience can find them! When you make what you love, someone will love what you make. #creativitythroughkindness


There is a lock for every key, it’s a universal law. Being discovered by our audience is about becoming visible in the right way: with correct branding and putting ourselves and our work in the right settings, such as arts and crafts fairs. Trust that your audience, the right people, those your work is meant for, will find you naturally. Imagine your work finding its way into the hands of those who truly appreciate it. Imagine the connection you feel, the exchange of light! Help the ones who you made it for find you easily by staying visible, true and authentic to you. Creativity truly is illuminating.





Make it count! 


Craft shows are wonderful, and they are a personal investment into your career and community. Whether we’re playing in the digital or analog fields, we only have a few moments to make an impression and catch a customer’s attention. Applying these branding and design principles to your display will help you stay true to you at every show, as well as in the digital space.


Stay tuned for the next 2 articles showcasing practical bits about Branding and Design for you to apply to your next craft show. See you in August!


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