Are you better off doing physical markets, virtual markets or both?


Hey... so you wanna know!

First of all, let's talk about the difference between a physical market (marketPLACE) and virtual market (marketSPACE)
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A Marketplace is a physical location of buyer and seller interaction. At the marketplace, the seller and buyer meet each other individually and share information.   The buyer and seller sees physically meet to chat, negotiate, touch, smell and transact person to person.   It's a "gathering" in terms of hosting a social market (before 2020) from the perspective of a live event for Vancouver Island Market.
A Marketspace is virtual and information and communication technology based electronic or online exchange happens without the need for a set location.  The buyer and seller could be transacting in their PJs and is not disrupted by the need for dress code, a gathering place or the need for displays and decorations.
Based on the 10 questions we've asked you, if you answered mostly A, your tendency is towards virtual markets.
If you answered mostly B, you enjoy and will thrive better at physical markets.
And if you answered mostly C or equally A and B you are adaptable to both!
With this knowledge, where will you go next? ... 
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