7 Habits Creativepreneurs do that impact on their health and wellness

Ever wondered by some creativepreneurs are so successful? It’s because they sleep, rest, and do a very good job of separating their work life from family life. Most importantly, they listen to their body and know exactly when enough is enough because too much of anything can be dangerous. I have come to realize that avoiding burnout is always so important for my wellbeing and right here, I’m gonna share with you 7 habits that I think will be really useful for everyone who aspires to be a successful creativepreneur…


  1. Not setting clear boundaries for when they work and when they stop working

How many times have you blended your work and personal time together and not knowing stop means stop?

The moment you start experiencing that lack of drive and energy that usually characterizes you, it’s an obvious sign that you need a break. A negative change in eating habits that deprives you of healthy foods and balanced diets is not a good sign. If you allow this to kick in, you may find that you’re getting sick more often and finding it harder to recover. Listen to your body and take time off your work as soon as you experience that lack of motivation, feeling of frustration, and also when you just realize that you are simply not in the mood to perform your usual work activities that you enjoy.

  1. Saying yes to everything

Abundance mindset takes a shift in the way you perceive the world, I’ve said yes to many things out of a lack of experience, a lack of self-control and a lack of self-respect for myself before.

With time, I’ve come to learn and realize that our work schedules just have to be manageable. Just like you do not need to say yes to everything that comes along in life, you similarly do not need to say yes to every work project that comes along. You need to practice saying no. The same way you sometimes say no to your waitress who might offer you dessert, or a street vendor who might offer to sell you some fruits or vegetables, it is perfectly okay to say no to some projects. If you are not the type who is brave enough to occasionally say no, then you are probably overloaded with tasks and experiencing job stress.

  1. Comparing others success to their own

We all do it. Some more than others. Some more aware than others.

The question is… Is it healthy? Is it good for your self-esteem? Perhaps not… You should consider competing against yourself and not so much of others. More focus on your own strengths and being okay with imperfection will help you a lot of being happy and maintaining a feeling of satisfaction.

  1. Working in the business instead of on the business

The key thing to understand here is that there has to be a clear difference between working for someone and working for yourself. Working for someone means working for a company – often one where there are many employees among whom tasks can be split.

However, if you’re running your own business, you’re on your own and doing everything by yourself. As such, you cannot treat it – in any way – as equivalent to a day job, because things will just get too intense for you to handle.

I’m the type who gets pretty obsessed with what I do, and I’m still working on this one. With time, I’m getting to learn where my happy medium is between doing what I love and doing too much.


  1. Forgetting to take breaks

Water breaks. Walks breaks. Breathing breaks. It’s so freakin simple but so easily skipped if I’m not disciplined.

Too much of anything can be dangerous. Breaks – whether for water, taking a walk, or just catching a breath – are important. Working non-stop is not good for your productivity as it dampens your focus and reduces your quality of work. Taking breaks allows us to rebuild ourselves, refocus, and stay fresh!

  1. Not getting enough sleep

I’m proud to say after 2.5 yrs of being deep sleep deprived I’m recovering from being a chronic insomniac.

Just two extra hours of sleep can make a very big difference. As an entrepreneur, you should never deprive yourself of sleep. I’ve realized that getting enough sleep helps me to concentrate better and remember things more easily. This way, I now experience less anxiety and I’m able able to solve complex problems better.

  1. Not asking for help

I never thought I should ask for help and now I embrace getting help from coaches, assistants and friends. Life is too short to struggle this one alone. Find your ppl and let them in.

Engaging good coaches will help you get into the right mindset. The guidance of coaches has helped me to improve my productivity and become more focused with what I do. Seeking help from friends and wellness coaches energizes me and puts me at ease when my situation is looking difficult.


It's definitely not for the faint of heart to be a small business owner let alone a Creativepreneur.   What are some ways you've handled your health and wellness regime so we can deal with life events a bit better?  

Comment below. I'd love to know.

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