We're Bringing "Wall of Kindness" to Vancouver Island

Have you heard about a Wall of Kindness campaign?

It’s a simple and sweet idea that originated in Iran as a response to the harsh US sanctions and the harsh winters in the northeast of the country. 


How did it start?

An anonymous Iranian came up with this ingenious concept to help the homeless and needy in his neighborhood survive the Winter through placing jackets and sweaters on hangers that were hooked to the wall. He wrote the phrase “Leave what you don’t need and take what you do” to encourage others to donate as well.


How did it evolve?

The idea gained a lot of media buzz as more and more people started setting up walls in their own neighborhoods and it eventually spread internationally to Sweden, India, Lebanon, and Turkey. As more and more people participated the donations got bigger and soon people started leaving books, toys, electronics, and food items as well. The idea also inspired many social media campaigns to exchange items and services to reduce consumerism and promote thrifting.


Why do we love the idea?

As we started discussing decluttering and the benefits of living decluttered life, we became interested in more ways we could declutter and reduce our ecological footprint. Then we decided to draw inspiration from the wall of kindness initiative and to bring it to our social media community. As we are all going through the economic impacts of the recent COVID 19 lockdowns in our area, there are surely items we can save on and receive from our friends.


What is VIM's Wall of Kindness going to look like?

At Vancouver Island Market, our goal has always been to connect buyers and sellers, seasoned business owners with new entrepreneurs, and so on. The goal with our version of Wall of Kindness is to extend the philosophy of shared human experiences through altruistic and eco-friendly means. We will be using our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to extend our reach through our community by using the comments section of our Wall of Kindness post to list and find items. We encourage our vendors and supporters to list items they are no longer using or have an excess of in their inventory under our upcoming post and for comment readers to send a message to the commenter to claim the item. We hope to see our community take part by both listing their gently-used items or products for those in our community who were hoping to purchase that item or their product in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and bet there for each other. Think of this experience as our virtual version of a Nanaimo Craft Market to exchange "felt love" moments and togetherness. 


We hope to do more of these Wall of Kindness walls in the future.


Mark your calendar for our first Wall of Kindness exchange on January 31st, 2022.


Check out our Instagram page for more Wall of Kindness posts!

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