Precious Metal Clay is a medium made of fine metals like silver, copper, bronze etc with water, binding agent to sculpt into jewelry and accessories.

PMC Demonstrator | Metalsmith

Ageliki Designs

Ageliki has been making jewelry for over twenty five years. She takes inspiration from the wonderful people in her life and looks for beauty in all that surrounds her, from earthly landscapes to watery seascapes; beyond the realm of intuitive creativity. Ageliki started jewelry making while recovering from a sudden illness. She stopped by a bead shop while taking a stroll one day and looked at the endless rows of findings and jewelry components they carried. It was in that moment, something clicked. She realized and could almost visualize how these things connected and how these things created the everyday jewelry pieces that she was wearing. Ageliki decided to buy a few things and create. The way she felt working with her hands and the love for her new self taught endeavour or calmed her soul. It was then, her yearning for creating was born.️ After Ageliki learned some new skills, she decided she wanted to learn more! She decided to take a part time job at the local jewelry store. The very one that she walked into that one day! Call it fate or intuition but it became one of the best decisions she ever made. Everyone welcomed Ageliki as if they had known one another forever. There, she learned to use colour r and a variety of designing styles including seed & delicate a bead design and wire work. With the inspiration of her coworkers and their artistic collaboration, they took part in several local craft fairs and shows. They inspired each other and each one found their individual creative strengths. All while cheering each other on and each growing their individual style and craft. A few years later, Ageliki went on to create a bridal line which became quite successful but the repetitive designs became mundane and her heart wanted more. So she followed it and one of a kind pieces were born. Ageliki broadened her skill set with soldering work, pmc design and custom wire work. She designed intuitively made pieces for each individual personality that was so fortunate to cross paths with! Today Ageliki is inspired by the nature around her and the everyday beauty that surrounds her all while watching her daughter grow. Her daughter inspires her everyday with all the beautiful crafts and amazing animations she creates. Assisting her see the world in a whole new perspective, from fresh eyes! Ageliki always pushes herself to learn something new. Right now she’s in love with soldering, gemstones , stone setting, flame painting metal, etching & carving metal along with hand design stamping.

Metal stamping has a special place in her heart and Ageliki tries to incorporate her unique style into each piece she creates. Each hand stamped piece turns out rare like a fingerprint. So many creative possibilities, they're endless. Design stamps, crystals and gemstones have become an obsession!


Join Ageliki at VIM's Spring Market on April 30- May 1st, 2022 at Nanaimo North Town Centre.

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