VI Winter Market 2021

Vancouver Island Market 2021: Felt Love at VIM

Vancouver Island Market Nanaimo Gift Shop Girls

You can call it a wild project. 

A self care practice, an intervention for being separated for so long or whatever way you see fit.

This practice of felt-love where we did our best to connect, receive, give back and take back what it means to be human to me was necessary.

Random acts of kindness displayed all around and the energy in the room was filled with optimism.

Small business owners choosing to see the good first before reacting to circumstances beyond anyone’s control built trust among each other and created more sales and happy customers.

The kindness and generosity from shoppers who voted with their wallet helped makers fulfill their dreams and pay off debt.

As small business owners who started dreaming about building a life for ourselves on the island over 7yrs ago, our hard work and dedication to our practice have led us to YOU.

We can make a difference. Even if we don’t look, dress, or play the games society expects of us, we can still collaborate, exist and treat each other with respect, dignity and kindness.

Many heartfelt thank you to Sandy from Jinsei Media for sponsoring her time to capture felt love moments at our market. Please email/ contact her directly to download any of these photos you connect with and give her all the love and credit she deserves.

Believe in the magic of Christmas

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About Sandy

Yellow is my colour.

I stand on my head every day and jump out of planes a lot.

When I view the world from a different perspective, I see all things differently.

Including the difference it takes to make YOU stand out to your clients.

I believe in collaboration and people.

A photographer, story teller, artist and educator; I have worked in many areas of photography but specialize in food and branding. I shoot for food producers, large and small and have photographed over 30 cookbooks.

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