Happy Mail! Kind over matter.

Here's what our first recipient got surprised with:

What is Happy Mail?

Well Happy Mail is exactly what it says on the tin, it's mail that gives you the warm and fuzzies. Not bills, bank statements, flyers or other junk mail. It's cards, notes and packages that bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart! And it's a two way street, receiving Happy Mail is joyful but so is the act of sending it to someone you cherish.


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Being the recipient of such mail generates a feeling of gratitude and happiness that someone intentionally took time out of their day to think of you and create something that they know you will enjoy, be it a handmade item or a postcard from a beautiful destination. Sometimes we feel forgotten in such a busy and technology driven world so receiving written word can really remind us of the human connection we share and should put effort into cultivating.


The sender of Happy Mail also experiences a feeling of endorphins as it fosters positivity and kindness. Many people are struggling mentally in the current climate and experiencing feelings of isolation and knowing that we can impact their lives positively through snail mail is a very powerful feeling! It is a rush of excitement knowing that we can be the purveyors of support and brighten someones day. In the words of Maya Angelo, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


A Happy Mail mission this year could be to dedicating each month to writing a letter of gratitude to a person or people that have significantly impacted your life. From a boss that became more than just a mentor to a friend's parents who supported her hopes and dreams and treated her like a second daughter. Your Happy Mail doesn't have to be so elaborate, it could be some printed photos of you and that person from your last time hanging out, a pair of novelty socks because you know they collect them or just a card that you stumbled across and instantly made you think of that person.

Handmade and handcrafted items are always well received and have the added bonus that you are supporting local.

You can join as a Sender or a Recipient or BOTH! It's all about spreading kindness.   There's no purchase necessary to join.

To be part of our Happy Mail Program, please click here to start your Happy Mail adventure.


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