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Nanaimo Craft Fair Christmas Market on Vancouver Island

Located at the Old Sears Building at Nanaimo North Town Centre,  Vancouver Island Market has held Christmas Craft Markets in 2018, 2019, and 2011 to over 30,000 + attendees per event during the holidays year after year. 

Artisans as far as Ivermere travel from their hometown to come to our…

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We're Bringing "Wall of Kindness" to Vancouver Island

Have you heard about a Wall of Kindness campaign?

It’s a simple and sweet idea that originated in Iran as a response to the harsh US sanctions and the harsh winters in the northeast of the country. 


How did it start?

An anonymous Iranian came up with this ingenious concept to h…

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Decluttering Freedom

Guest Blogpost with Sandy at Jinsei Media

declutter recycle sell trash keep donate

Some Q+A for this Creative Entrepreneur 


1.  Who is Sandy and what is her current passion project?

Who is Sandy? An interesting question since over the last few years I have been working on letting go of identity. Instead of a Food Photo…

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VI Winter Market 2021

Vancouver Island Market 2021: Felt Love at VIM

Vancouver Island Market Nanaimo Gift Shop Girls

You can call it a wild project. 

A self care practice, an intervention for being separated for so long or whatever way you see fit.

This practice of felt-love where we did our best to connect, receive, give back and take back what it means t…

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