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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! - August Happy Mail

In this month's Giveaway, we've matchmake @clickometre to send happy mail to winner Laurel W. 

Myles took part in our Summer Market this past weekend and brought artwork, pins, stickers and other wares to our market on Sunday.  

They had a lot of fun and so did we.   Myles motto found i…

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7 Habits Creativepreneurs do that impact on their health and wellness

Ever wondered by some creativepreneurs are so successful? It’s because they sleep, rest, and do a very good job of separating their work life from family life. Most importantly, they listen to their body and know exactly when enough is enough because too much of anything can be dangerous. I have…

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Vancouver Island Summer Market 2021

Nanaimo North Town Centre (Old Sears Parking Lot)

NANAIMO, BC August 14, 2021 - The return of Vancouver Island Market since our last event in 2019 is 2 full days, featuring 70+ creativepreneurs on Vancouver Island. Join us outside the Old Sears Parking lot at Nanaimo North Town Centre and l…

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