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Get to know Ozay Jewelry

ozay necklace vancouver island market directory featureclose up ozay jewelry metal smith craft fair in nanaimo

Brenda started her business in 2009 as an outlet for her creativity and a way to stay mentally healthy.  Read Brenda's journey with starting her own jewelry collection!

How did the idea for Ozay Jewelry come to you?

Back in early 2000, I was living a very busy life and had the most stre…

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Happy Mail Winner Round 2 Continues...

Catching up on Happy Mail Announcements

Last …

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What Land Do I Occupy?

what native land do i occupy salish sea

Here's a website I found as a resource for acknowledging the territory I live on as well as other in depth information about WHY land acknowledgment is important and HOW we can help spread awareness and learn more about Canadian History.

Once you go here, you will want to type your current lo…

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