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Blankets for Babes

Modest Maverick

I would see a woman all dolled up with a rounded belly paying someone to take pictures of them and their unborn child. Sometimes I thought “That’s nice but I would never do that.” Years went by struggling with Infertility and eventually my mind shifted and I thought “I would do that because it’s taken so damn long to make happen.”

It still hasn’t happened but now I’m okay with it. I’m able to sit with it and stare it down inside and out. I don’t remember the last time I had a ‘really bad’ day. I did everything to try and understand what was happening, I almost ruined our relationship and I most definitely spent days, weeks, months and even years worrying about what life would look like if I never became a mom.
Now, I look at my life for what it is. I am able to understand the importance of living in the now and although I want certain things to happen in my life, I can still appreciate the things I do have.

She is giving back this Mother’s Day weekend at the VI Market and she will be launching the 1% model with her business @modest.maverick. For each Baby Blanket sold (they’re also a scarf for the cool Mama’s) 1% will be given back to @fertility_canada in order to help Canadian couples struggling to conceive.

Vancouver Island Market will be accepting donations at the door and match Modest Maverick’s donations at the market.

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