Author Reading - Margarita Romano | Vancouver Island Market

Author Reading – Margarita Romano

You can find her book, Sitting on the Fence here.

I am over the moon to announce another inspiring speaker at our event on Saturday, March 30th from 2pm-3pm – Margarita Romano.

I came across her book through a pivotal change in my life – I’m turning 40 this year and I’m learning to love myself more and let go of the things I cannot change…

She was on Instagram Stories and I watched her do an author reading at Vancouver Island Regional Library. I can’t remember the exact piece she read or what moved me, but she definitely captured her audience and me so I knew I had to invite her to come and share the love at Vancouver Island Market.

“The book is based on a love story – of how Isabelle and I came to be – and I am also using our story to share my realizations, learnings, and ideas about the power of love. Love comes from within and it is all-seeing. It is not ‘just an emotion’ or something to rely on others to fulfill for us – it is a state of being. A big part of our internal make-up that allows us to connect and relate to people and things.”

With a couple weeks left before our market, be sure to bring your book with you to be signed at the event! I’ve ordered mine and will definitely bringing mine!

About Margarita Romano

You can find her book, Sitting on the Fence here

Margarita Romano is a “super freak” processor, helping heart-centred entrepreneurs connect the dots to lead spectacular lives that are driven by heart and soul. She thrives on helping people get out of their head and into their hearts.

She has a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and is the author of “Sitting On The Fence: How To Love Without Limits,” as well as one of the best selling authors of the business and marketing book titled, “The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy.”

As a certified equine-facilitated coach, she now lives on Vancouver Island at her equestrian estate, Trailblazers, where she is more wildly passionate about horses than ever and can often be found hanging out with her favorite four-legged beings, rain or shine.

See you all there!

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