About Us

Connecting Buyers with Makers

Do you get excited receiving a surprise in the mail that’s *not* bills and statements?

I know I do! Especially when it’s locally made by someone I know or heard of on social… (like a love card by Little Thao Studio… a hand thrown mug by Soul Collective… a Tshirt from Kindred Coast.. some earrings from Amaluna Boutique.. I can go on for days!)

I have been dreaming about how we can get together again and align my vision to support creativity and kindness. Because we can always use more of it and once you honour being you, giving is a cinch.

In the past year, I kept myself busy by reigniting my creative self at Etchy Things and practicing self care daily in my garden. This is where I meet and experience all the amazing creative entrepreneurs who understand change very well and are the kindest people I’ve come to know.

They’ve shown kindness through community activities like Wine Ninja where they’ve carefully planned, executed and showered the recipients with fun gifts. Or fundraising campaigns for those who’s been affected by the pandemic. Oh let’s not forget the masks they’ve gifted to all the front line workers!

Never letting pain and fear stop them from choosing love.⁠

That’s where I’ve been. Choosing love ♥️⁠

And now, all I can think about is pouring this love to VI Market like a Gardener preparing her garden beds, weeding, planting seeds, fertilizing and watering so I can watch it grow. So what better way to practice this together with my community than through Happy Mail! (cue the Happy Dance please!)⁠

Want to get involved? (This is a call out for both Givers and Receivers!) Head on over to our Happy Mail Entry Form and fill out a min quickie to plant your first seed of love.

Every month, we’ll draw a lucky Happy Mail recipient to receive a surprise gift from our local creative entrepreneurs.⁠

And if you’re a creative entrepreneur and you love to give, enter as well and we’ll be in touch! .⁠ Questions? Contact us today!