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6 Reasons Vancouver Island Market Is Much More Than A Craft Market

  1. Our market invites not only local talent (vendors) to our show, but we also invite local businesses, which aren’t covered by vendors fees.
  2. Your admission goes toward paying local businesses, such as musicians, workshop hosts, guest speakers, entertainment, etc. which is money that goes right back into our economy!
  3. We also use part of your admission to help non-profits or clubs like Salvation Army, Rotary Clubs and other meaningful organizations.
  4. We are a full time market planning organization and we take our job very seriously. We’re able to impact many entrepreneurs and place them in front of local shoppers because we spend an immense amount of time planning and working with talented creative professionals. It doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of research, technology, and skills that go behind planning these markets and we are proud to be the largest “market” on Vancouver Island.
  5. We partner with many local businesses to make this event successful, to share their talent, and to amplify their reach by using our resources. This approach has been very successful, so we are excited to continue to partner and work with many local talents to create a remarkable experience for our shoppers.
  6. It’s a great place to hang out because there’s something for everyone! The WOW factor from seeing local talent, experiencing workshops, learning something new, or being involved in our Island Good movement is priceless. In many of our shoppers’ words “This show is worth every penny. It’s much more than a craft market.”

You can purchase your tickets online to save $2 and beat the line ups. There will be the North (Mall entrance) and the South (main parking entrance) to enter the building. Please come with a QR code ticket so you can be scanned in quickly. You can also print your tickets but make sure you have your QR code ready tickets so we can get you inside quickly.

May Market highlights include Exit Nanaimo, 10 free workshops, guest speaker, live entertainment, food trucks and more!


  1. Angela Knox on September 20, 2019 at 8:53 am

    Hi I’m new to the island in Qualicum 😉
    Do you have anything weekly, Please if you know of some great markets for oct I would love to attend yours as well.

    • Mei Dunlop on October 1, 2019 at 4:50 pm

      No, we don’t have anything weekly at VIM.

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