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5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss this Winter’s VIM this Holiday Season

With holiday season upon us and our local makers busy creating their craft for our much anticipated grow, bake and make show, we asked Robbie Stroud of RobbArt Boutique to write a bit about why supporting local makers and coming to our market especially this December is important. 

Written by Robbie Stroud, RobbArt Boutique

1. Exclusive gift ideas

Do you want your gifts to stand out this season? To the ones we love finding them that stand-out gift each year is an opportunity we never want to miss and always aspire toward. 

Winter Vancouver Island Market is admission only. This grants exclusive access to gifting ideas you’d typically never come across. We’re all looking for reassurance that no stone’s been left unturned in our undying pursuit of “that one gift she mentions each holiday now” or “the present you bought that actually made him tear up”. Moments like these are few and far between during our lives. That makes them all the more exclusive and special. Much like this event.

Show your loved ones you know them best, show your families they’re loved the best, but most of all, avoid regret and show up to experience Winter VIM on Dec 14th-16th. 

2. One-of-kind Shopping Experience 

Do you find your holiday shopping becoming less savory than Gran’s dried turkey with each passing year? 

Let’s face it, we ALL need to cross off those lists and as you get older it can become quite overwhelming. Busy streets, unfriendly customer service, and Bah-humbuggers can all be avoided if you just knew how…

Eureka! At Winter Vancouver island Market you’ll be greeted by warm individuals who want nothing more than to appreciate your time as they share with you passionately crafted goods. With vendor diversity in spades, you’ll be able to make this a one-stop shop. Simplifying and de-stressing what sometimes can take weeks of drudgery trips. People are excited at the chance to come shop here and it’s less likely you’ll encounter Stressed out Sally inside this market.  

All things considered, you’d be foolish to pass on the chance to redeem the ghosts of haunted holidays shopping pasts. 

3. It’s an Experience! 

In case you didn’t know it’s more than just shopping, Winter Vancouver Island Market is an event!

Drop that boring mindset of dashing from purchase to purchase with no pleasure in between. This can’t miss experience is to be enjoyed by all your senses.

Start things off right filling your belly some snacks, full courses, and even adult beverages. All uniquely made and locally crafted, yum. Engage your sights with extremely high-quality artists, hand-curated to ensure you’re getting the most exclusive gifts possible. Be encouraged to touch the materials that go into these products and tell a story to the people you’re giving them to. *sniff…  Smells like It’s time for another one of those delicious snacks.  Now stop, listen and soak in this cheery festive atmosphere.

What would you have done without experiencing Winter VIM this holiday season?

4. It comes but once a year

The best things in life are here for a limited time only. It’s the very reason we enjoy the holidays and our special, but often short time spent together. There’s value in all rarity. 

This event’s here for 3 special days only!

With 200+ local vendors, fine artists, foodies, live entertainment and creative workshops on offer this event could only be sustained for a very limited time. Be one of the exclusive few who experiences shopping this way. Discover why bringing everyone together creates something more special than the sum of its parts. You may never have another holiday shopping experience like it again.

With value your life can’t afford to be without, don’t wait, pick up your discount card before they’re gone. Plan your visit and ride share to Vancouver Island Market this December 14-16th at Nanaimo North town Centre.  4750 Rutherford Rd. (Old Sears Building)

5. The Gift is in the Giving

VIM is proud to be giving back this season and now you can too!  Did you know a portion of admissions goes to aiding those in need at this fragile time of year? This year a portion of our proceeds will go to The Salvation Army as well as The Rotary of Nanaimo North where they’ll best help the people in our intimate community. Generous shoppers may also donate $2 or bring a non-perishable item. The spirit of giving is upon us, don’t miss your best outlet to do a charitable deed for those in need.

Furthermore, VIM is a locally curated event. When you buy from these vendors you’re giving back directly to your Island friends and families. Forging stronger bonds and better businesses means you’ll be receiving even better experiences from these trusted names in the future. When buying gifts for your loved ones also creates a more comfortable holiday for the people in your community you just can’t turn your back on that. 

Remember how blessed you’ve been this year. Remember your community has families less fortunate struggling to provide. Most of all though, remember the easiest way you can support them is by showing up to shop at Winter VIM on Dec 14th-16th. 

You can find RobbArt Boutique on all 3 days at our winter market.  Don’t forget to like and share this post so we can spread the joy of giving this holiday!

You can find a list of our winter vendors here.


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